Since the IR Halftrack was botched..

6 months ago

I feel like now that OKW only have one general with a flare besides other **doctrinal **flares such as vetted fusiliers it has become very hard to get intel on the enemy. Also wermacht's **doctrinal **recon planes gets shot down pretty much instantly since Allied forces has alot of AA to choose from..

I'd recommend giving Leig18 flares such as Soviets mortar has.
And maybe give wermacht any kind of flare except the **doctrinal **mobile observation post?


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    6 months ago
    FaxFax Posts: 96

    I think you mean the commander with the Panther Command Tank that has flare ability, but you forget OKW has Overwatch doctrine and flares can be planted by any infantry at no cost at capture points.

    I think Wehrmacht can use another doctrinal flare ability but you forget Ally AA is very weak, except for UKF. You can dive an Ostwind against soviet M5 AA or USF AAHT and Ostwind will always win, which is harder for Ally to take down Axis AA than is for Axis to take down on Ally AA.

    The only allied faction that has excellent flare ability is UKF with Royal Artillery commander but that's in 1 commander aswell.

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