Need help with delay

6 months ago

I'm new in computer and tech stuff so please forgive me.
So I could use some help. I play coh2 quite a lot but only start to have a problem yesterday. I was playing with my friend like normal but after 1 or 2 matches the later match seem to have some lag or delay. It take my unit around 3 seconds after commanding them to move. And then I start getting connection lost but was able to reconnect every time. So after that match a decided to close coh2 and reopen it again. But then I can't connect to relic server and therefore can't play online. So I called it a day and change to play other games with work totally fine. Today I come back and try again I noticed a very long time in connecting part before start to find a match but I can connect to the relic server so I thought the problem was gone. But in a match there is still around 3 sec delay. This is very annoying and I never have them before.

I tried restart my router , restart my computer , reinstall the game and port forwarding but no luck.
This problem does not occur in single player. Only in multiplayer consistently 3 sec in 1v1 to 4v4
I would like to be able to play this game again so thank you for any help


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