Advanced Emplacement Regiment - Some eyecatching titel without being insulting

1 year ago

So just to clarify i do not want to shout insults about Relic or something like that. Insulting somebody who is resposible for what you wish is not a good idea. So i will be honest and polite as it is appropiate to relay my feelings and thoughts about this commander.

First of:
I play as Ostheer and i know the tactic to win such a game: Annihilate your enemy before he can set up his first Bofor emplacement then you win the game. If he is slow and places one down you might be able to destroy, an early tank combined with a mortar who smokes the Anti-Tank gun and try attacking it. I bet there are even more ways to destroy it but i can say for sure if you make a grave mistake your game is over. Even when you win there is a bitter taste in your mouth that you won. It is just annoying and unfunny playing against that doctrin.
Everything he has is annoying, the emplacements are harder to destroy and take 10-20sec to build with one or two engineers. You need to spot it first and get rid of the MG´s or you lose. But if you fail you lose the game or just surrender because it is no fun to play against. The counterbarrage is also annoying you cannot even use mortars. The mortar emplacement recks it already and now two howitzers? If that would be removed he would have atleast to come out. I tried shooting an unembraced emplacement with three mortars! Three! It took 5 min of repositioning and shooting, killing Mg´s and fighting bak the pushing infantry meanwihle there where 5. 5 Bofor emplacements! No limit at all, cheap fast to build nearly invulnerable to mortars, armour (which is targeted by the Pak) and even clusterbombs hitting an unembraced Bofor emplacement deal only a fifth of the damage.

There is certainly to win against this strategy but it is a cheese strategy, makes no fun to play against that. I could rant more about for pages but just do not write: "stop crying!", "get better!", "Axis player crying about how op Allies are! How stupid!" or something like that. I am not really good at expressing myself in text but i wanted to share my thoughts about itk, because this commander is, sorry, completly stupid!

And the last threat about it is from four years, FOUR YEARS!, and there were no adjustments at all. I hope they will do something this time. I will start answearing and continue thinking about how the commander could be improved in a way that emplacements could still be used. (Now honestly and this is my opinion, you do not need to agree with it nor i expect it to be implemented, emplacements are fucking thrash and should be removed, well that was not polite).
I only wish for more counterability and more Company of Hereos 2 not Sim City

Thanks for reading!

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