Add again M20 bazzokas crew

6 months ago


It's possible to restore 2 bazzokas for M20 crew ?
I don't understand why this unit has been nerf ?



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    6 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited April 23
    Because high end players aparently had a hard time dealing with it when their opponents were really good at micro managment...
    I dont know how...I've played with it and against it just fine and it now makes luches a very painful encounter since 50cal hardly touches it.

    Now m20 really cant fend off the 222 at all unless you get lucky and destroy it with a pre placed mine from the m20 and placing bazookas on lieutenant is not enough to deal with flame halftrack/222 and still have ammo for 50cal armor piercing rounds or even armored skirts on m20 for that matter.
    They get a puma or pack gun and your struggling since stuart will do you no good at that point and if they then grab a flack panzer you are shit out of luck gg.

    Best off just go captain and if you would like to later on back tech to lieutenant as the best option for now.

    I know it sucks.
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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 880

    USF used to be very hard to play, very fragile but powerful. Backthen people could not play the faction since units were too easy to die. Later people skill are too great. USF had to get nerfed.

    I remember the day I failed to lure Luch into my M20 mine, it miss my mine just alittle. Even though I have crew jumped out with 2x Bazooka, Luch still able to destroy M20 and retreat. Thats what I call 'large skill gap'. Other faction skill gap doesnt as large as USF

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    6 months ago
    XalloXallo Posts: 17

    I agree with you! Maybe it was on pro level a bit to strong, but it wasn't too strong for the level range below 17. And now the M20 is useless.

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