Sherman vs Panzer

9 months ago
BlaCOHBlaCOH Posts: 56
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I played 1v1 against a Wermacht player and I were confronted to joke situation !
USF player : Sherman + AT gun
Axis player : Panzer IV only

Now listen my at gun was far but could hit the Panzer IV. With the sherman penetration shell
The Panzer IV rush my Sherman in the area of my at gun

Now battle !
The panzer IV hit and don't miss shoots and during this time 3/4 shells miss/blocked with my and AT gun and 2 hits succeed only with my Sherman

Final Panzer IV kill my sherman and flee without die (with low hp but alive)

Where is the logic in this game ? humm ?

Don't say it's a bad luck please, how many times I see the at gun doing no damage in the P4 or Panther


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    9 months ago
    lordpeter3lordpeter3 Posts: 347

    Sherman could indeed use a buff, plus you should have used mines or AT nades to slow the PZ4!

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    9 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    @lordpeter3 That's if he didn't have all his vet rifleman killed off and no longer has any form of at grenades which happens alot with me as the enemy notices I have only 1 vet squad at that particular time and they specifically target him to allow a hard push past at guns leaving the Sherman helpless.
    Light anti tank mines slow effect is very short almost not worth it compaired to a permanent status effect that would cause that tank to limp that long distance back to base.
    Mine barely gives at guns enough time to turn and set back up let alone allow Sherman time to get out of range.
    Better off spending munitions on absolutely essential bar upgrades of rifleman.

    I know my abilities as usf and how to use them.
    Good luck though I had to pre plan ahead for this panzer kill.
    I knew if he ran away from me with rear faceing me and hit my mine I could get close enough for engine shot with my stuart.
    But this will never happen again.

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    9 months ago
    DaemienDaemien Posts: 10

    Does Stuart shoot the same damage with stun ability and critical shot?

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    8 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    @Daemien I don't know how much damage point blank engin shot does compaired to a normal shot but the blind shot just causes them to not be able to fire at you and basically does 0 damage, it used to do damage but got nerfed so it is only used to support and since they also nerfed the abilities by giveing them a shared cooldown you could not follow up with a point blank engin shot after using blinding shot.

    A point blank engin shot however will never bounce. It used to but now it is a gaurentee to hit which makes sense since you are putting your tank in serious danger doing so if not useing like a t34 and sacraficeing it...
    Helped me take out a few tigers but in some cases I was throwing away a vet 3 stuart to help jackson kill it before it escaped.

    Dont use stuart vs ostwind though it will rip you apart faster than the panzer 4 since it also has better turret travers and fire rate you cant get behinde it to do enough damage makeing it better than the panzer 4 as an option vs light vehicles and infantry for that matter.
    + the ostwind has received alot of buffs in recent times.

    I have on occasion even lost a Sherman to an ostwin so it can happen.

    All depends on how the game is played.
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    8 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 903

    You must try Sherman vet1 with Radionet 3, it eats up Pz4 vet3 easily.
    Its like an ability that force u to blob your tanks

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    8 months ago
    lordpeter3lordpeter3 Posts: 347

    I like your stuard chase, nice to see the units shine!

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    8 months ago
    NakasakiSSNakasakiSS Posts: 1
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    8 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    I understand the Sherman to be not as powerful as a panzer for at the very least the early model Sherman.
    I also understand trying to hold onto realism but realism can only be accomplished to a degree befor you have to start thinking about game balance.
    It is not like Sherman's can be made in massive numbers In The same way they were done in real life with emphasis on easy transportation through the railway system.

    In this game I see the Sherman haveing a very hard time finding it's own roles to play.
    It is infantry support with he shells but instantly gets destroyed by a group of shreck squads without the ability to properly kite them from a safe distance to actually be usable.
    At the same time it also canot easily take advantage of a flank on enemy tanks and sometimes still gets destroyed so it only does well vs maybe a puma and luches more or less. even ostwin can give it a hard time if not kill it so everyone skips Sherman to get Jackson since anti tank is more important.

    it is not the panzers fault directly that the Sherman is not doing so good.
    But honestly I think all mediums are going to be hard to balance unless all tank destroyers and panther are toned down slightly to allow mediums to fulfill a better role and to even be used as a soft counter which is the reason why they are not used as frequently unless for instance your going against something with a stationairy turret easy to flank.
    Right now the game is all about heavy tanks and tank destroyers.
    Even light vehicles have a hard time to shine like my hard to pull off stuart killing a panzer.
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    8 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    Here is some testing I did a while ago.
    It was just tanks faceing away from each other and hitting rear armor to test turret rotation and fire rate.

    Personally I think Sherman suffers from a lack of fire rate and not enough range in which range would help it kite panzershreck squads and not be a gaurenteed hit for them if you want to fire even a single he round at them and also take better advantage of a successful flank since it already has low penetration on the main gun fire rate would be better for flanking and helping vs infantry as well.
    You could also look at turret rotation but I think range and fire rate would be plenty enough idk and possibly nerf the turret rotation slightly on all larger medium tanks in the game includeing upgraded Sherman's for better differentiation among them all.

    It would be better than this constant fixation everyone has on penetration and aoe damage.
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    5 months ago

    Try this mod, values are based on real world stuff calculated into equations and objectively applied to every unit to ensure maximum "realism" and "balance". If something is too 'OP', I check if the equation was done correctly, and if not, I modify the equation and reapply the product to every unit in the game to maintain consistency. Even unit costs are formulaic. I developed a custom armor system to circumvent Relic's shitty armor calculation.

    Keep in mind as well though that vehicles only have two armor values, front and back, and this limits modders' tremendously. I manage to "hide" this fault, and do so 95% of the time, but it only is so apparent to an astute observer.

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