Replay 1v1 USF vs OKW

2 months ago
BlaCOHBlaCOH Posts: 51
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I want to share this record to prove that USF faction has really a probleme with anti tank system (bazookas,Sherman and antigun)

Please see how it's difficult to destroy a panzer IV

And i think there is a problem with fuel or ammo in this map

OKW : no fuel + no cache = +26
USF : fuel + 1 fuel cache = +29
And USF have 75% of the territory, explain how ?

@Andy_RE see this replay !

Thanks !


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    2 months ago
    jamesjames Posts: 25

    WOW. it's incredible.

    i see it common , when WERH or OKW tank go back to it's HQ.
    i think really too this is not normal .
    it's front of a Panzer 4 . just imagine versus a Panther or Tiger 2....
    need an update.


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