Improving Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine

5 months ago

Dear all,

Next to the excellent Fallschirmjäger the commander seems a bit lackluster next to its USF counterpart.
Would it be great to tweak the doctrine a little bit to make it a solid all round commander that offers more than just excellent infantry? Here some possible suggestions:

The doctrine could add the beacons ability to sturm pioneers so that this can support the Fallschirmjäger in the field. This way Fallschirmjäger can benefit from airdropped reenforcements in the field. In exchange the reenforcement ability while Airborne Assault is active could be removed.

Additionaly it would be great if there would be a panzerschreck upgrade available for Fallschirmjäger after the setup of the Schwere Panzer Headquarter to give teh squad some any armour options after they removed the panzerfaust ability in the last patch.

Maybe let the Schwere Panzer Headquarter be able to shoot ground and air at teh same time when this doctrine is chosen to reflect its AA role in suport of the air assauld.

Adding the Ostwind to this commander.

Looking forwards to your ideas!


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    5 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited April 27
    First off I'm glad the shrecks are now removed from fallschirmjager.

    Secondly yes I also agree the doctrin itself could use a little something though I'm not sure what.
    Shrecks on them though I think would be counter intuitive as they are specifically anti infantry and not like they will be getting beefed up shrecks as that would be way to much and OP + you already have solid options for that.
    As a usf main player I dont even put bazookas on paratroopers i will only Maybe but them on rangers since they have nothing els amazing going for them and obviously normal bazookas just dont cut in unless you are hitting say a puma, even hitting a luches is pushing it giveing the range and dps it can do to your normal bazooka squad to be worth it.

    Headquarters shooting air and ground meh it would make no difference to me as a beneficial upgrade and honestly It could even be a pain in the ars if it is shooting air units when ground units are killing it so I would rather be able to toggle it on or off myself + honestly I would consider it a nerf rather than a buff to my hq.

    I did say once though if fallschirmjager had slightly faster decapture rates on territory and normal capture rates they could be better used to harass behinde enemy lines and also help with allied players trying to get off an in the pocket ability adding to strategic diversity in multiplayer matches.
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    5 months ago
    lordpeter3lordpeter3 Posts: 347

    SO beacons, ostwind and faster decaprate for falls seems like a good idea?

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    5 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited April 30
    Yes At least beacons and decaprate would be ok.
    I dont know about ostwin since it already has 20mm flack emplacements.
    Perhaps if 20mm lost the ability to attack ground to allow paratroopers a better opportunity to smoke and plant demo charges.
    Multiple flack emplacements and even ostwin being able to attack ground and pretty much nullify smoke cover is a bit much and you already have a flack halftrack.
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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 880

    Fallschirm needs an ability to replace their lost of snare.
    Lay ATmine should do. So they still have AT ability but more defensive, rather than charging toward enemy vehicle.
    Booby trap behind the line should also work.

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    5 months ago
    lordpeter3lordpeter3 Posts: 347

    Soulds goot to me, though an overall improvement of the versatillity of the commander would be great to!

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