Get higher rank in teamgames for new player

5 months ago

There has to be some way to get you ranked faster as a relatively new, but more or less good player (1v1 about level 12-16) in team games. Especially as an alli player (since allies are definitely disadvantaged in team games) it can be impossible to reach a level above 10 (3v3,4v4) or 12 (2v2), because you are nearly only put together with noobs. I just don't get into a higher level area (and no it is not because of my skill, I am almost always the best of the team, if not the whole game).
In addition, you are so often put together with lower level areas, why the hell?
If you ask because of the axi complaint: I am always ranked at least 2 levels higher in team games with okw and wehrmacht...

For example, can the 1v1 level somehow be included in the matchmaker in team games?

It's really going to be crazy and it's just not fun.


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    5 months ago
    KitCKitC Posts: 2

    I play solely on 2v2 and is ranked 12-14 for all 5 fractions.

    Imo, if you wish to rank up on 2v2 after reaching level 12 you have to outperform both 2 opponents and your teammates ie. you are expected to carry the game.

    The main difference between 1v1 and 2v2 is that you are not only a good player but also a good supporter and observer. You have to always pay attention to what's happening on the whole map, especially what your teammate is doing and what's holding him back.

    My good tips is always try to take out what's giving your teammate the most troubles(eg heavy tanks, sniper, mg spam), and try to make a few nice franks when your teammates are attacking and defending can make team games much easier.

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    5 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    I wish your performance in game impacted the outcome of increasing or decreasing your level.
    Mech warrior online has this sort of feature where if you did above a certain amount of damage etcetra and better than a % of your teamates you would actually increase your piolet level or stay the same rather than decrease in level.
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    5 months ago
    XalloXallo Posts: 17

    @KitC said:

    I agree with you on all points, but overall it is simply not enough. When did you start playing? I think it’s often so that people who have already play for 3 years or more, they could level up better because more players were available and therefore the matchmaker worked better. Now you only need to hold it. I play so often with people who can't even manage that the Paks only shoot on tanks - omg! Or give bazookas or piats to all infantry. Or keep losing their tanks ... and so on. Never mind that a coordinated attack on an elephant or JT works with them. e.g. because they don't even write in chat. And as soon as I fight my way up to level 16, I have two or three such games and I'm back down.

    As I said, it is also a special problem for Allies, since Axis are definitely easier to manage in team games

    I like the idea of you!

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    5 months ago
    KitCKitC Posts: 2

    @Xallo said:

    I got your frustration. Although I started playing the game since its launch, it didn't make it easier to keep rank level and sometimes I meet bad teammates in a row that makes my rank level drop by 2 in a day...

    I agree that the small player base make it hard to get a fair match. Try to play team games when there are relatively high player count. A little trick is to check the number of people on the global chat channel on the bottom left , that gives you a brief idea of how many players are in game at the moment. The player counts is around 4000 to 9000 thesedays. Play 2v2 when there are more than 6000 players online for a better match.

    I know that it is not an easy task to coordinate with your teammates through chat function, sometimes it takes too long to type in a tight match, sometimes your partner simply just can't speak eng. What you can really rely on is your observation. For example, when your oppoent is pushing your teammates hard, it often means a good chance for you to frank from behind because most likely they are over-extending.

    Agree with the idea that your game performance should be considered when calculating the rank you gain or loss. With the current design, you can just expect yourself to 1v2, with the minimum amount of support from your teammate to level up.

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