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3 weeks ago
TiggyTiggy FrancePosts: 1

Hello everyone :) .
First off, sorry if my Grammar has issues, i am French and i dont have a perfect knowledge from english grammar, but i guess there wont be any difficultys to understand me.

I would like to open a discussion about the CPU balancing ;) .
I play Company of Heroes since Summer 2007 and it became my very favorit game. None the less i had a breack right after ithe game went over on Steam. With a breack of around 4 years(which i still happened to play from time to time but very rarely) i now restarted to play the game actively.

Now that i am playing again, with the same friend(s) as i had earlier, i must truthfully say, the game balance with the CPU is just not right. I am used to play mostly against cpu Expert, of course expert means very hard, but even there, the balancing of the damage, the effectivenessof each unit is completely off the chair and it doesnt make it enjoyable to play.

I will now mention a few points which i encountered in the past few weeks, and how i used to know this before my little breack and i would like relic to review it for us:
-Damage bonuses on all tanks, anti tanks, weapons and grenades
-Artillery cooldown from some artys and a proper mention of the units affected on these or nearby
-view range of all units
-A clearer view of the veterancy of the units,
-Sherman canon upgrade review
-Different approach from CPUS then blindly spamming command tree abilitys. More diversity, more units not only tree units( which would improve difficulty too)

-Damage bonus today, is high. Extremely high. So high that if i fight a a sherman with a panter front to front that the Sherman actually end up make me retreat my Panter. This was never the case before. a Panter has both more damage and more durability then a sherman.
I also experience no differnece with the Sherman canon upgrade towards tanks. It is meant to improve pênetrations and effectiveness versus tanks, but there is no bonus at allas to how i experienced

-The view of cpu units is off, the feeling of them having a 100% boost of view or even more is so immense you think it impossible they can see or even engage you from such a distance, aka. antitanks, tanks, artys.
This give you also a non stopping arty spam even if there isnt much ammo on the global map which also bring some evident questions from it. As exemple ennemys artys dont even get mentionned by units, pure silence. Airborn Bombers.... where there actually isnt even red flairs or even a plane to see flying on the minimap droping bombs at your unit.
or also Firestorm arty from the Wehrmacht doctrine getting used non stop. Is also a pretty cheap arty for most effectiveness especialy on bridges(to much in my taste), the cooldown from this arty should definitely be reworked.

-The overal damage boost from all units is way to important, it makes you own units look ridiculous, like cadets. Sure expert means very hard, a real challenge, but the balancing was a 100 times better a few years back then it is now. Overal range are from antitank guns, mortars(us mortars having further range then german mortars?) caliops and other artys are much further then we have as we play. Grenades or even antitank grenades especially those from PE are doing nearly no damages very often to infantry and tanks, but for us they do alot of damage. Panzerschrecks damage kills a sherman in 3 shots or when playing axis allys are doing more damage then the panzerschreck does, which just doesnt feel right.

-The overal units seems even on veterancy 3 to be some cadets aswells because the number of times shots just go on a complete different angles then the canon of a tank/antitank/antitank weapons are actually aimes. It is almost hilarious to see this sometimes, i mean we sure all agree some shells are or was bugged and did not blow off rightly, but the count is to important, also the number of time shots just bounce off or miss, the most funny one, just go through the units.

-The CPU or IA do as soon as they get unlocked to 95% only spamm the doctrine units, few exemple: USA first tree they only build rangers no other units anymore, airborn only AT guns and Airborns rifles, Wehrmacht blitzkrieg do only spamm Stuhs or sometimes infantry, Panzer elite only hetzers or fallschirmjagers... etc...
Also when i play with a cpu, it often happens to see as exemple a british rifle squad being build and there, not even a second after it popping a lieutenant after it and also already annexed to its rifle unit!

Well there is more i could mention, but i am pretty sure, peoples already think i am just crying about the balance setting right?
BUT i dont! I mentionned all this to open a discussion, for each of your guys experience, i want to help to get this game balanced in a proper way. I am fine with damage boosts, more manpower, more ressources overal, but as of now it is way to much, and i really dont enjoy the game as i did in the past. I dont have this drill, this strive to play more and more. On contrary when i experience this, i dont know if bugs are part on this or the real settings of the units and CPU's, i just wanna quit the round sometimes because of the no sense logic behind it.

PLEASE EVERYONE! Be honnest with your thoughs, tel us your experiences and your proposals to review something.
Sorry for the long thread!
I hope i dont come of to negative, it is not what i meant to be or give out, i want to explain me at the best possible way.

Waiting for you guys reply and proposals and eager to read them.

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