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5 months ago
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I don’t know, only me or not. But in the game against AI, it is noticeable that German troops are noticeably more tenacious and have greater damage than other troops. 2-4 allied units are required to destroy one unit. Tanks turned into a panacea against everything ... The balance is a little destroyed.
If you do not want to make the infantry of the Sovet more significant, then at least strengthen their veteran bonuses. It is worth considering the presence of defensive structures at the councils.
For example, one German grenade can destroy an entire detachment of allies when the German takes less than half their health ... Monsters are direct, not infantry. It is better if these are more experienced soldiers, regulate this with bonuses of shelters and behavior in battle. And not laser precision and bulletproof.
Those who like the current balance, in principle, can repeat it with modifications, but by the way, infantry is infantry and the “Russian Ivan” was killed by a bullet in no way easier than “German Hans” or “American Bill”. Do not go to extremes with this. The preparedness of the infantry should act on behavior in battle, not in any way on bulletproofness.
By the way, you don’t feel the difference between a rifle and a submachine gun ... I remember the rifles should have been effective at a distance and the submachine guns are close ... Isn’t that?
I do not think that tanks should be a panacea. A machine gun on a tank should be more effective against infantry than a gun. And with increasing distance, the effectiveness of the tank should decrease. The exception is self-propelled guns with howitzers and mortars, the accuracy of which leaves much to be desired, if they are not German.
A more balanced game is obtained by the Germans against the Germans ... But here an interesting paradox arises ... after a couple of minutes the Germans of the eastern front are already flooding the map with tanks. Make a resource counter for the AI, and not a unit construction diagram.

I rarely play against players ... for a number of reasons. But according to what is observed with the balance, somewhere something is done wrong. Do not find?


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    5 months ago
    AndresumanaAndresuma… Posts: 1

    I totally agree on on everything you say. i love this game and i have play more than 2300 hours but now i got back to the game and realised USF is unviable in any scenario... cant hold positions... zookas dont penetrate at all to destroy a medium tank you need to have a at least 3 or 4 troops instead a single troop of germans take half hp of a USF tank.... the damege inflicted by a single granade of the same troop is annoying and also the dps that applies on troops is just unfair... i will never play with nazi troops ever because i play this game to kill nazis... so guys you are destroying this game for allies players
    Brits seems to handle better but you need to play around a bofor to be able to sustain in battle but thats so lame and boring and also infantry seems to hold better the damage taken when they are in cover but guys i understand you guys need germans to be more powerfull than the allies because that is a storic fact but what you cant do is aplly this rule to every aspect of the battle.
    Nades, Zookas penetration, tanks, guned positions everything is so op than armies like usf are not viable at all
    they cant sustain in battle, it takes forever to respawn troops and you and you cant hold any position taken since a usf postion wont last 2 hits of a tank or At and you have to play against a AT armies at least give us mgs as a starting point or give us stronger positions or a way to make them as strong as a bofor to be able to hold any advance you make wile your troops recover....
    is just so unfair to wait for your single tank that takes forever to make since you make these lutanients that are basicly trash... what they run fast??? so they arrive faster and get killed by the tank you are trying to hit..... what they throw smoking nades that take 10 seconds to trow and by the time the showd fire they are already pinned? what else the do some kind of thing that takes forever to control to get one trop up.... guys pls....

    its simple matematics...

    how much damage a 50 ammo spent do.... how much damage and armor you get for every 50 fuel spent. atm USF tanks are so damm usless wolverines has to be hiden all times in every scenario you will lose an encounter... either with cross troops or with an equal class tank.... pls developers PLAY THE F... GAME

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    5 months ago
    maldonmaldon Posts: 55

    there is a lot of post now, regarding this topic. the imbalance is very important, but they hear nothing.I think this forum is useless.

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    5 months ago
    lordpeter3lordpeter3 Posts: 347

    I play all factions pleny online and so far I think all but USF are well balanced. You just have to know how to monopolise best on a factions strenghts. Germans have sligtly more expensive squads with fewer squad members, so snipers and light veivles wrk great agains them. Soviets have shocktroopers which are the best infantry inteh game and very spamable tanks. British have simple teck and the best stock tank (Comet) if you ask me. its just how you use everything. But agreed USF has very little good units, but they still work well in solid compositions, but you ahve to think a little bit mroe out of the box.

    Watch some how to play games by for example Helpinghans on youtube, and you sure will pick up some things to improve your gameplay.

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