Major retreat point

5 months ago
38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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Started thinking about this one since I know it got a pretty big nerf a while back.
Mainly because it was being abused from what I understood.
It was something like doubling the duration of the cooldown for the retreat point.

This is not to bad but What makes it a bit more of a pain Now Is In the later stages of the game the point is being constantly scouted by planes flares etcetra creating a need to reposition constantly but if you do move it starts the long cool down and you cant get back into the fight otherwise you risk retreating all the way back to base.

So why not start a cooldown when it is activated and so long as the cooldown finishes when you do finally go to move locations again you dont have to wait for a cooldown befor setting up your new position?

I think it makes more sense to have the cooldown start upon Activation rather than deactivation.

Still allow the ability to pack up from the position but cannot set back up until that cooldown is finished.

If it is to much to do as 1 hotkey then split the ability into two buttons.


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