No penalty for leavers? Enough is enough!

1 month ago

I am not sure whether this is considered as a community standard violation but it is surely problematic. This is not the first time I have encountered a player who leaves the game at the very beginning only because s/he does not want to play with the British. People are leaving the game for absolutely no valid reason is especially frustrating when you wait a long time for matchmaking + loading and someone quits at the very start and they get no penalty as leavers. I hope Relic takes some substantial action to prevent these.

Just check this one example!


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    1 month ago
    FaxFax Posts: 96

    I hate this too, I recently was in a 2v2 and after 5 minutes the guy simply said that someone arrived at their place and they had to go... immediately left the game... why play if not have the time to and make people waste time only???

    I wish ranked matches were more punishing for people that leave... but the thing is that the game can't differentiate a crash from a leave, so I'm not sure that will happen at all.

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    1 month ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 852
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    Thats stupid, you Brit was on the right side, which is near to your own fuel, easier to defend. Once you setup defend your fuel, you can bring mobile troops to attack other areas.

    2 Brits with 1 go Hammer, 1 go Anvil. Literary almost unbeatable with Churchill + Comet.

    Brit can be dull for new players, but for good players, I feel safer to have them defend our fuel. I barely see 2 Brit on the same flank in 4v4 game lose a fight.

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