Is AI Changed Dramatically?

1 month ago


I'm playing hard AI (WM or OW) custom matches for a long time. It started to behave totally different today. Throws grenades, makes lots of tankes, uses off site artillery (i've never seen that before in ai matches), pushes to my base and attacks my base (never see that before too), snipers and eveything. And I saw some pretty intelligent ambushes but not sure it was on purpose or not.

Is Coh AI a deep learning AI? Is it learning from my matches or is there an update not listed anywhere?



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    1 month ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 852

    Different between 4 AI levels:

    • Easy: equal to player's resource, likely to stop for 30sec every time a unit finish their task, never retreat
    • Normal: 133% resource, likely to stop for 15sec every time a unit finish their task, usually like to suicide, hardcore cutoff point, barely retreat (this is also the AI replace player in Rank match)
    • Hard: 166% resource, some improvement from Normal
    • Expert: 200% resource, its like a player controls a single units

    Equal between 4 AI levels:

    • All AI knows where your camo units are, use camo units vs AI is pointless
    • Doesnt know how to Priority vehicles. Having Elephant,TD shooting at infantry.
    • Tend to miss shooting 1 or 2 times on purpose so players can react
    • Doesnt know how to lay mines
    • If you have a strong vehicle running toward around 100m, AI's weaker vehicle will fallback, even when they dont see your vehicle in FoW
    • Vehicle start to retreat when they have less than 50% hp, its Rear side always face toward their base.
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