UKF needs more reworking

3 months ago

UKF is a faction that is lock in vicious Cycle of being nerf into the ground, and then being buffed into being Overpowered more times need to taking to rework almost completely. Here are some of my suggestions:

Starting Unit rework

  • Royal engineers replace Infantry Section as starting unit
  • Royal engineers swapped with Vikers HMG
  • Royal engineers now start as 5 model squad cost increased to 260
  • trench building added
  • Snare removed

Reason for change

UKF staring out with its standard Infantry squad has always been problematic it allow UKF to take and hold key building allowing the UKF player a massive advantage in the early game, and this also lead to UKF player larger blobs cheapest blobs in the game:

  1. four section: 810mp
  2. four cons: 960mp
  3. four volks: 1,040MP
  4. four grens: 1,040MP
  5. four Riflemen 1,120MP

Infantry Section rework...Again

  • Unit cover bonus removed
  • Medic upgrade removed
  • artillery spotter upgrade removed and added to the Assault officer
  • bolstered squad upgrade removed
  • trench building removed
  • Unit cost reduced to 250mp
  • snare added, unlocked by purchasing AT grenade upgrade at Headquarters
  • New upgrade added "Veteran Sergeant" for 60 Munitions:

Squad size increased from 4 to 5, regains its cover bonus, 10% increased veterncy gain, and 10% received damage reduction uses one weapon slot

Reason for change

Infantry section with its cover bonus and is notorious for not drop models in combat lets it be far to efficient at trading with enemy squads, and with medic upgrade if used correctly can allow UKF players to have grotesque K/DS. Once upgraded with Bren guns a vetted up Section turns into are more cost effective Ober squad.

artillery spotter upgrade removed for the same reason rifleman smoke grenades were removed it make MGs and other anti blob units redundant

The Veteran Sergeant upgrade is there to give UKF players tactical trade offs do you go for Firepower and just 4 model squads but with double brens or more survivable 5 model squad with at best one bren gun


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    3 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 876
    edited June 2

    I think Tommy only able to carry 1 weapon slot.

    Add another upgrade beside Boster squad, lets say Heavily armed. Boster squad gives 5th men, Heavily armed gives another weapon slot (cost 20fuel instead of 35).
    Boster squad lock Heavily armed and vice versa.

    Like, whats with Devs' mind when they think Tommy 5men 2Bren should have equal pop cap to Gren 4men 1LMG. Eventhough I agree with the price.

    Edit: just read to the end and I see u have the same idea. for me, just only that will be enough.

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    3 months ago
    DarjeelingMK7Darjeelin… Posts: 245

    sapper as an stater unit in T1 is fine by me, but i will want them to be equiped with rifles, be 4 man and have 2 upgrade, enigneering specialis - give 5th man with sweeper and add repair speed, assault sapper - give 5th man, change all squad weapons to sten gun (grease gun profile) and gammon bomb or flamer.

    Also, move Vicker to platoon Cp will leave UK too vulnerable early game since they cant tech platoon right away to have MG while Ost have t0 mg42 and OKW stat with stum pio following by volk being cheap. and out number. Suggest: swaping Ro, E with universal carrier.

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    2 months ago
    SOESOE Posts: 5

    I agree for balancing



    -Bring back the ULTRA decryption and Radio Triangulation
    -Bring back Commandos weapon support team
    -Able to Replenish from air or with glider
    -Land the Glider instantly anywhere like on CoH1

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