Panzerscherks, Fusiliers, and Obers

1 month ago

A year agoc panzerfusiliers were changed allowing them to be an alternative Volks, but I find unit to be lackluster they are near useless without their expensive g43s upgrade, and by comparison Volks are more reliable and cost effective core infantry. Another problem with PFs is the Panzerschrecks upgrade it gives OKW access to a fairly cheap AT blobs that if used correctly can be a nightmare for Allied tanks.

here are my solutions to both problems.

Panzerfuilsers changes

  • Increase MP cost from 270 to 280
  • Increase squad size from 5 to 6
  • reduce G43 upgrade cost from 80 to 60
  • remove Panzerschrecks upgrade

Obersoldaten Changes
Gains access to Panzerschrecks upgrade with panzer authorization

Reasons for giving Obers Panzerschrecks

  1. They cost same as Pgrens (340MP)
  2. They are nondoctrinal so all OKW players have access to AT infantry regardless of commander choices
  3. Encourages players to use Ober more
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