How Do You Construct Your Loadouts?

1 month ago
ViperSRT87ViperSRT87 Posts: 1
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Hello All,

I recently got back into playing and for most of the time in the past I would just play with a friend of mine and I found myself using a couple commanders and nothing else. Recently I made, for example, two load-outs for the Wehrmacht with just what "looked good." I'm curious how you structure load-outs and decide which commanders, bulletins, etc. I'd like to work on improving in the game and I have the feeling I am missing something. Buying all of the "recommended" commanders from guys like Helping Hans is great, but if you aren't utilizing them properly it doesn't matter lol! How do you decide what you have in your load-outs? If you have more than one how do you structure it? I have searched for information about this, but have not been able to find a discussion of exactly this topic.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to your insights!

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