Cheat code on campaign

3 months ago
BlamerBlamer Posts: 6

Is it possible for Relic to update patch cheating mod or code to turn on all cheating code on Campaign mode / Theater of war.
It might be funny if I can spawn any unit for example Tiger tank / Elephant tank + engineer team + whatever I want without any restriction. For skirmish mode, it okay because I can install a mod to spawn anything I want but it might be better if I can do that on
Campaign mode / Theater of war.

Like the other game Cities Skylines : Player can select that do they want to do. Player can decide to turn on option like unlimited resource / no restriction by themselves. In that game it is an official mod from developer.
It is a very best idea to design what you need. if you need realistic, just leave this option out but if you don't care what realistic is
or just want to play a GAME for funny / try an what if scenario - It might be wonderful.

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