Ostheer G43 Revamp Idea

3 months ago

the G43 upgrade has been since coh2 was released, but now is rarely ever used. Here's my suggest to bring this upgrade up to relevancy.


Current G43 upgrade

(45 munitions) squad gains 2x G43

maximum damage output: 64 (G43 does more damage at close-mid range and on the move, but at long range is barely different to Kar98k)

New g43 upgrade:

(60 munitions) squad gains 2x G43, squad size increase from 4 to 5, and one weapon slot is used

G43 weapon damage reduced from 16 to 14

Maximum damage output: 76


Current G43 upgrade: (60 munitions) squad gains 3x G43

New G43 upgrade: (60 munitions) squad gains 3x G43 and gains AT rifle grenade ability (same as panzer fusiliers)

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