Some commanders I hope get revamped

2 months ago

Conscript support tactics - SOV

Current version:

  1. (0cp) KV-1 Heavy tank

  2. (2cp) conscript assault package

  3. (5cp) conscript repair

  4. (6cp) Rapid conscription

  5. (7cp) Incendiary Artillery Barrage

Revamp idea:

  1. (0cp) KV-1 Heavy tank

  2. (2cp) conscript SVT-40 package NEW

(60 munitions) conscripts gain 4xSVT-40 rifles and RG-42 Anti-Personnel Grenade (replaces Molotov Cocktail)

  1. (2cp) Commissar command squad

  2. (5cp) conscript repair

  3. (7cp) Incendiary Artillery Barrage

Scavenge - OKW

Current version:

  1. (0cp) Flakpanzer ostwind

  2. (0cp) thorough salvage

  3. (1cp) jaeger light infantry

  4. (3cp) infiltration tactics

  5. (9cp) 105 barrage

Revamp idea:

  1. (0cp) Flakpanzer ostwind

  2. (0cp) thorough salvage & expanded arsenal

    LMG-42 upgrade NEW

(60 munitions) Volksgrenadier gain LMG-42 requires one truck setup and locks out STG upgrade

Panzerschreck package NEW

(100 muntions) Obersoldaten gain 2x Panzerschrecks requires panzer authorization

  1. (1cp) jaeger light infantry

  2. (3cp) infiltration tactics

  3. (9cp) 105mm barrage

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