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The reason why I´m making this thread is because I want to inform Im currently studying a videogame making career. That includes 3d models however there was a message in the debug archive you had and it was error something settings are not 1 that was 1 of the problems for my copy. The game still runs properly but still I´d like everything in order and that bugs me up hehe.

Moving foward, besides this, I´d like you, my loved relic and sega to make available modding of the units, not only the skins and paint for the tanks but more elements of it. like the models with the same scale like more worked skins. Imagine how the community could give many proper vivid skins to the game. It would be awesome to see variations of the work you´ve been doing isn´t it?
I´d like this because I also want to be able to mod a complete army. Like the commandos, yes they use that uniform but imagine if we put camouflage in their faces? Or maybe a beret on one of the squad members. Or maybe an airborne uniform with camo to some models? You see the possibilities. You can even sell it if you want :smiley: Imagine a cannon with a net and some pieces of bushes over it in an attempt to camouflage. It would be awesome if the personalization of an army could reach those levels.
I´d like to help in anything possible for it to be done if you evaluate this proposition :smiley: As always, thank you for your time reading this thread if you do :smiley:

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