Theater of War : Tiger Ace and Kharkov pursuit

6 months ago

Tiger ace mission like many others in CoH 2 is really unbalanced (in hard difficulty), the powerful Tiger Tank is ineffective. I succeeded but really anormally hardly. For example, for the 3 last big russian tanks, It took no less than 20 rounds of 88mm main cannon in his back to take out one of them. It must be a huge bug. I like it when it's hard but not unbalanced like that. Is there a patch or something else to fix that?

Same thing for Kharkov Pursuit, the enemy is quite hard (in hard difficulty of course), they are spamming too many infantry and tanks whereas they do not own all the strategic points. The cost of german infantry and tanks is much higher than soviet's.

I think that a balance fix should be necessary for german in Tow. When I play Russians in Tow, it's much easier with them, just need a KV1 and T34 and i'm sure to win every time, that's totally unbalanced!

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