Strange Map loading Error

7 months ago
CrackBaronCrackBaron BavariaPosts: 1

Hello, the last days I spent a lots of time creating this map:

Old River Town
Link to SteamWorkshop:

But I have a strange error with this map. If you add 5 KIs as something like Axis, Russians or British, the map will completly load and able to be played.
But if you put in more than one US Forces, or just one US Forces and a player with OKW, the map will load to 3/4 and than crash to desktop with bugsplat window.

I really want this map to be playable with every faction, because I think its a fun map to play.

If anyone could take a look at the map, or give me some hints, what i can try to get rid of this loading error, I would be very graceful.
I am also thankfull for every tip, how to make the map more stable during playing, because it crashes sometimes midgame.

If anybody needs further info, or map datas, please fell free to ask me.

(Sorry for my terrible english, I am from Germany :-) )

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