New to COH2 - having a blast

6 months ago

Hi all, new to the forum and the game itself. I've had it in my Steam library for quite a while now and finally got around to playing it.
I'm actually enjoying it so much that I decided to create and share some of my experiences on Youtube with other COH2 fans. Looking forward to playing this game more and learning from ya'll. Part 1 of my Soviet campaign playthrough can be found here:

P.S. Will be uploading more as I have time and make it further into the game.



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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 904

    Campaign has the very first unit balanced (2013). You can play it for storyline. But it will add nothing to your knowledge in random match.

    And mostly, random match is what people care about nowaday.

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