Ostheer Infantry

6 months ago

Oster infantry is underperforming.

Grenadiers are the most fragile unit in the game.
They lose 1v1 fights with almost every other infantry unit in the game even in the situations they should excel (long-range combat).
There is almost hidden cost as oster is the only faction that needs to drop barracks before making infantry, so their early game infantry is always a bit smaller.
They die way to fast.
Its way too hard to outplay opponent with grenadiers. Especially that oster is the only faction that does not have sandbags on 0 CP so you end up with cover disadvantage with most fights.

I suggest either increasing their survivability or increasing their firepower so it is more risk/reward unit.
I think increasing the cost to 260 would be reasonable to meet the new performance.

Panzergrenadiers are in my opinion in a very good spot. They do fairly well in most situations. The only issue is that they are the best infantry unit the oster has yet they die super quickly to allied most elite units like Rangers or British commandos. I don't see buffing them because that would mean they will outperform soviets units.
Maybe it would be nice if they could repair vehicles or cost 320 manpower.

Osttruppen is useless without cover so I believe they should be able to drop sandbags on 0 CP same as all allied infantry.

The last thing I see changed is vet 1 bonuses.
For most infantry its a medkit. (pio, gren, ost)
This medkit is used by players once a year and it is too common.
It should not cost ammo (like British medkit) and there should be added variety to vet 1 ability.
The same could be applied to conscripts and soviet eng vet 1 abilities.

I believe pio should be left with a medkit as they have a more supporting role.

Grenadiers should be given something that increases their combat performance. I suggest passive ability that increases the speed of shooting rifle grenade OR reduces the minimum range of it.
Alternatively, active ability increases their firepower for a short time for small amount of ammo (20).
It could use a voice line "shoot faster"
This ability could help out to melt charging infantry before they run into grens and murder them.

Osttruppen could use something that helps them perform in the late game since by then the most cover is destroyed and they do not fight well without it.
I suggest changing their medkit for a passive ability that increases their yellow cover bonus.


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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 904
    Pion is great at their support role. Able to plan many mines, bunker, sandbag. And especially 45m sight which can self spotting if they arm weapon team.

    PzGren is Good with their shreck vs tanks. Without it, PzGren can only able to fight CombatEng and Conscript. They're quite hopeless vs double Bar Bren. For me, Ost really lack of close range AI infantry that actually able to tanking (Allies have Shock, Ranger, Commandos). They need something to tanking

    Osttrup is good to rapid arming weapon team (where Commander has weapons team drop). Beside, battlephase 3 gives them LMG42 for 45ammo.

    Gren..to this day I still wonder how 4men 1LMG has equal popcap to 5men double Bren. Their price fits with them, but not popcap
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    6 months ago

    i agree. grenadiers die very easy, should have the same possibility of surviving like other allies factions, they become usless in the mid and later game, is very common to see them die with just one granade, non like many allies groups, that of course hase bigger numbers, they should be stronger.

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