OKW balance

6 months ago
So here is another post regarding OKWs balance.
First let me tell that I dont think okw is op in general. In my opinion it depends on the skill level. So obviously when whatching replays of top 100 players okw is balanced. Just in lower ranks/skill levels OKW becomes op, because when you want to fight it with e.g. UKF or SU you are dependent on using combined armes, snipers and so on which all need to be babysitted and thus, are super challenging to play. With OKW in turn every single unit by it self is stronger compared to every single comparable unit of UKF or SU. So for instance, using https://coh2.serealia.ca/ I compared all available early game unit of OKW and UKF with all different potential upgrades. It turned out that sturmpioneers are way stronger than sections and by the way are pioneers in addition and volksgrenadeers are comparable. But cheaper. Of course sections can be stronger with cover, but on the other hand they also become less strong during the move or open field. Volks in turn can faust and threw nades just by teching, what is done no matter what. Sections in turn need to be teched seperately to the main teching. Now there are still carrier and kübel left to compare. The carrier of course is scarcely stronger than the kübel. But OKW starts with a free superior sturmpioneer. Thus, again OKW is in charge here.
This ist just the comparison of UKF and OKW in early game. But this lasts for the entire rest of the game. At every stage of the game every single OKW unit is stronger compared to the respective game stage allied unit.
So why do i still think okw is Not OP in general? And why is it so balanced in pro games?
This is because for instance OKW cant build snipers or again compared to UKF cant snaire with cool early AECs for instance. Snipers for instance or upgraded carriers can turn this OKW-inf superiority described before tremendously. This is why also in many pro matches OKW ruels the early game but then non the less may lose the game. However, this is still hard to play. A sniper is obviously harder to play than a stand alone strong 4 or 5 man squad. Same with the carrier. All this units are highly microintensive. Of course no problem for a top 100 player. But when it comes to a mid range or low range matchup the OKW player will win a 1 vs 1 match when both players have the exact same skill level. I think this is also the reason why 80 or 90 % of axis player up to a rank of 400 play OKW. Because it is just easyer to play than for instance ostheer that also depends to combined arms and high micro skill.
So I think the balance team should try to figure out how to make okw more balanced for low Level players and Not just to focus on how the single fractions perform in high level matches. Because IMO ATM COH2 is a completely different game for pros and mid/low Level players. The latter just need to abuse OKW to fetch a win.
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