Where report douchebags?

6 months ago

Where can you report this douchebag "Company of Heroes Trash 2"? He destroys my base with friendly fire. And that in two games...


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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 904

    To this day, playing games with good mental players with no skill is much better than skilled but having unstable mind.

    I had a match where I & random#1 vs 2 enemies on the left and won, my friend on mid vs 1 enemy on mid and won. A random#2 vs an enemy on right and lose.
    That #2 guy blamed my friend for not helping him and started to team kill my friend. Despite we where winning 2/3 of the map.

    And a match where we where losing so hard. I told a random mate to bring his force join us rather than fighting alone (because he was using Elephant while his enemy used T3485), he was low level, but willing to follow my plan. And we won the match.

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