(OKW)Tech tree rework?

5 months ago
T2,build need 10Fuel,only unlock IG18
T2 upgrade, need 30 Fuel,unlock 251/20 and Puma
T3,build need 10Fuel,only unlock AAHT
T3 upgrade,need 30 Fuel,unlock Luchs and Stuka
T4,build need 85 Fuel,unlock Ober(and weapon upgrade) and JP4,for commander unlock Ostwind or FlamePanzer
T4 upgrade ,need 35 Fuel,unlock P4.J and Panther

T4 need full upgrade single HQ,or T2+T3
For StormPioneer ,maybe Flamethrower and Schreck upgrade not lock out sweeper upgrade,but second package need T4 upgrade
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