New Rig, CoH1 (Steam) Runs, but only Black Screen.

5 months ago

Hey guys,

Built a new rig at the beginning of the pandemic, in January (so, you know, about fifty-seven years ago), and I cannot play CoH1 (Steam version) on it.

I was coming off this rig:

Intel i7-7700K


AOC AGON 2560 x 1440, Gsync monitor

...and I had no problems, ever.

But on the new rig:

Ryzen 3950X


LG 3440 x 1440 Gsync-compatible monitor (Freesync 2)

...all I get is the game spinning up, black screen; I can hear all the logo/loading screens in the background, and the nVidia & Steam overlays work, but the game itself is nothing but a black screen. I can alt-tab out and force-close the game, computer carries on just fine.

CoH2 (and literally every other game I play) works just fine.

Windows and all drivers are official and current. Nothing overvolted/overclocked/modded.

Any ideas, y'all?


I've searched these (and other, related) forums, and although others have had similar problems, they are not, in fact, the same, and the offered solutions have not helped me.

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