4 months ago

What do you guys think? I know many players love blobing. It does not need skill / micro but is quite effective. However, to my opinion its something that breaks the game. That is because COH2 could be an incredibly good strategy game with so many aspects to use and think of. Combined arms tactical use of different weapon species could be fun. Unfortunately the blob mechanic make it not reasonable to use great taktics. If you for instance playe an MG at a strategic position it doesnt have impact. A blob can just walk right through it and wipe it instantly. On the other hand if a blob faces a Brummbär or Democharges its instandly dead (all of this is a litte exaggerated to bring the point across). So these blob mechanics make every game totaly boring. either the blob wipes you. Or you wipe the blob and insta gg. Dont you guys and especially lelic think it might be a good idea to bring up a passive ability that lowers units fightpower or HP or something if they are in a blob? Why is lelic so cool with dumping all the nice facets of the game by blob abusing? Further more this mecahnic particularly boosts OKW and USF. That is also why i guess these fractions are most played by low rank players.


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    2 months ago
    TiteTite Posts: 5

    Some peep love to say "blooob" when you have 3 squads, that move a squad apart and not in a group. Anti blob is simple: Arti. MG. Mortar. Things like that. Those work. And if you lose because you lost your blob? That's fine. Keep losing.

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