Help with the M.10 "market without risk"

3 months ago

Hello community, I come to you for help in getting the "trophy" (achievement) of the mission number ten of the Soviet campaign "Lublin" (M.10). Let me explain, no matter how much I play this mission either in the 3 difficulty modes I can never unlock this achievement since it asks me to capture the Lublin market place without losing "any soldier or vehicle", which I do (since I capture the square is the first part of the mission itself), I cover my troops in m5 halftracks so they do not kill them and I advance with t70 to capture the square (with the ability to capture territory of the t70) and nothing, it does not unlock, just the point becomes a medical center and now, the mission continues and the trophy is not given to me. As I explained what I have done in easy, medium, hard and nothing, I make sure that I do not lose troops or vehicles and nothing at all times. Sometimes I think that I am forgetting something in this mission or I am proceeding in the wrong way, I don't know. This is why I come to you, someone who remembers how he achieved this achievement, sometimes I even thought that my game would be broken? Which I doubt but I don't know what to think anymore. It makes me angry since I have been 92% completed and I would only come without that and others of a multi-player.

Without more to say, thanks in advance to whoever can help me. :):):)


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