Multiplayer lobby broken in CoH1

4 months ago

Hi everyone!
I am a Company of Heroes Blitzkrieg mod player and since a few days back the game lobby hasn't been working correctly. What do I mean by that?? Well, the games' list repeats itself (2 times for me) for many players, pvp games are not listed or are at least not visible to anyone looking for a game and the game acts weird when you try to host a game. When hosting it automatically goes into skirmish mode and keeps doing that everytime you change something major for your match, like changing the map you want to play for example. This results in many players being kicked since their slots are auto-filled with bots and the host having to reopen the slots and hope the players will rejoin everytime.

It seems like this issue started after what I've heard was a server update or something similar which I can't confirm. This is again only what I've heard from others. We who play the Blitzkrieg mod would be very happy if this problem could be solved soon since it might shrink an already small community that many of us are trying to keep alive.

Best regards

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