Dying and Toxic COH2 Community?

6 months ago

Is it me or is the COH2 growing increasingly toxic and smaller? No offense here, but the other forum, COH2.ORG was especially trolling my suggestions and even banned me with rude insults attached. They tell me that my issues aren't ltp, they're gth. I give suggestions to adjust game balance that grow smaller and smaller, but it seems that all of my suggestions are either too large and defeat the point or too small to be worth the effort. They even said that they would not implement any of my suggestions even if I paid them a lot to do so or even I am a pro who knows how to properly balance a game. I be posting some of the smaller, more reasonable balance suggestions on a different thread.

Hell, not all my suggestions have to do with balance, some have to do with AI behaviour.


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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 912

    What was ur balance suggestion?

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    6 months ago


    Also, more significant would be buffing some of the weaker factions in terms of overall winrate. British and Soviets seem to be the weakest.

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    5 months ago
    TiteTite Posts: 5

    I've noticed a trend for the past 2 weeks. A lot of people who SEEM to be level 40 or 180.

    Situation 1: oopsie, they time the grenade on a door, place mines in perfect places, hide in just the right corner, micro the grenade dodge on just the animation of you throwing it... Etc. And since their ELO is low because they haven't played much on that account, you have them, plus higher ELO peeps than you should have against you. Game becomes unwinnable.

    Situation 2: cheat. Lots of it. The Wehr who loses an MG and 1 gren can't possibly come back to put pressure on troops if you haven't lost anything. Not in the next 2 minutes anymay. The P4 that bounces everything (or not everything, but 1 AT gun and 2 SU-85 only damage it a little), the guy who knows where you are on the map and sends the exact counter without flares... Etc.

    Combining both situations, in 3v3 and 4v4 games, I'd say we have around 1 game in 3, possibly 1 game in 2.

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    5 months ago
    TiteTite Posts: 5

    Our policy is: if it's not 300, we surrend. That simple. Ensures we don't see them again. It's a pity, I liked the game, but if it becomes 2 in 3 games... Well, no point in playing anymore.

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    3 months ago

    Yes I think the quality of the player base has gotten a lot worse in the last year, year and half.

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