[ALL] Two small changes

6 days ago

I was wanting changes for adjusting balance, mostly small changes that are reasonable. Two of them:

Tiger PzKpfw VI: Call in now requires either a Support Armor Korps or Heavy Panzer Korps built in addition to Battle Phase 3 and 12 CP.

Reasoning: Why not? It should make sense that the call in is a middle ground between the Elefant and Panzer IV Command tank. You only need to be at T4 but you can have T3 armor production to have access to this unit.

Combat Engineers, Pioneers, Panzergrenadiers w/Leader, Rear Echelon Troops, Assault Engineers, Vehicle Crews, Sturmpioneers, Royal Engineers, and Infantry Sections w/ Defensive Operations active can all repair sandbag positions. This is done with manual repair ability, by default right click would vault them.

Reasoning: sandbags are rudimentary but effective and free pieces of heavy cover that can give one side the advantage in a firefight. Currently, only British engineers and infantry under defensive doctrine can repair sandbags and Combat Engineers in the campaign can repair sandbag fighting positions. It's only fair the others should be able to repair sandbags in between combat in case of camping on an objective or important chokepoint.

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