Bizarre Critical Restart Issue

6 months ago

If this isn't the correct place to post this, I apologize, but I wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas. Since late July my friend has been experiencing an issue with CoH2 which causes his computer to restart without any apparent error. We have extensively tested various solutions, so I will simply layout its behavior and what we have tried so far.

--System Specifications--
Windows 10 Enterprise
Intel i7-6700k
Crucial 16GB DDR4
AMD Radeon RX480 8GB
Asrock Z170 Pro4
Corsair 700w PSU


  • After 2-3 contiguous games (the computer may be idle, but does not restart between games) the game will crash at the end of the match at the victory/defeat screen. It has also rarely (twice out of over a dozen games) crashed within 15 or so minutes of a third match. This rare instance is also much different, it will kick every player from the match and count the match as a defeat - except for my friend whose match validation fails due to the restart. Once this happens, I cannot exit the match and must hard close CoH2.
  • The above behavior can also be replicated in replays, though it does not matter if he crashed in the game he is watching the replay for. It follows the same rule as above, it will happen after 2-3 games in a row.
  • There is no bugsplat or bluescreen, Windows event viewer does not give any errors or warnings - only that the computer shutdown was unexpected.
  • It does not matter how much idle time takes place between matches, we have done 1 or 2 games, stopped for 5 or more hours, then it will crash on the 3rd game.
  • It has also been replicated when playing automatch vs AI, where it is just him and me playing against bots. Again, it follows the same behavior as above in these matches.
  • This does not affect any other game he plays, we have tested multiple different games which are all fare more demanding than CoH2, including multiplayer games.

--What we have tried already--

  • [High Temperatures/Power Usage]: we have closely monitored temperatures, utilization, and power levels of the entire system during these matches. There have never been any abnormal readings when playing/close to the crash trigger. His hardware's idle and load readings are consistent with the expected performance of his hardware based on their manufacturer specifications.
  • [Bad Hardware]: we have considered that the CPU/GPU/RAM/PSU/Motherboard could be at fault. We have just ruled out RAM as we have tested his current RAM kit in all slot configurations - and tried replacing them with known good RAM with no success. We have not tried replacing anything else, but we have done stress tests of the CPU and PSU which have not resulted in any issues. As stated above, all sensor readings seem normal.
  • [Drivers/Software]: we have reinstalled Windows once on his machine, we have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling graphics drivers as well. We have also uninstalled and reinstalled CoH2 (including all of its files hidden in Documents and AppData) to multiple different drives. Again, no success. We have not cleanly reinstalled Windows (format drive, install from .ISO) nor cleanly reinstalled drivers (for example, using DDU) though we are currently trying the latter.


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