USF Tactical Support Doctorine - P47 Strafing Run Balance

3 months ago

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to keep it simple, and hopefully devs will notice this imbalance (or maybe even advise it as hard unbalance) about this USF commanders strafing run... For start...

-IT costs 125 Ammunition (a big and whooping amount) which is not in pair* with similar abilities...
-For the price, it deals almost no damage, is easily dodge-able and furthermore, its generally among the most useless Commander abilities currently in game...
-Its a STRAFING RUN, not LOITER (I can understand this, but generally strafing run, if its not rocket run, is, at the given game standing, an almost useless ability)

Thanks for understanding :smile:


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    2 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 903

    I would change it into an infantry pinning ability, cost 80ammo. They're far weaker than any AI plane ability from other faction, 180ammo Soviet AI loiter, 180ammo Ost multiple bomb blast.

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