[UKF] [M3 supply halftrack]

2 months ago
omar_empomar_emp United Arab EmiratesPosts: 533

The M3 supply halftrack which is part of the special weapons regiment, it costs 270MP and 30F, but does not fully function until the weapon rack upgrade is done, but thats not the case.

the vehicle comes very late for it to work, it comes at 4CP compared to all other half track abilities its very late.

compared to all other half track abilities.
SDKFZ 250 with PG (part of mechanized assault doctrine), requires 2CP.
M5 Halftrack both of UKF and USF comes at 3CP , which is directly superior to the M3 by all means.

how we can fix this?

lower the M3 CP down to 2CP , as its not fully small arms resilient, lacks any abilities ,except late game if going for hammer tactics other than that it only can drop PIAT and Vickers after weapon rack upgrade.


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    2 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 903

    Most of the time, retreat far back to the base to grab weapons and then walking to front. Is enough for enemy to setup a full defensive position.
    The supplyHT gives Brit the option to reinforce at front, and also to increase firepower without retreating to base.

    Image Ost has to retreat, reinforce then go to the front. Only to see half squads Sapper now at full reinforce, have weapons at hand, and build a Bofor & a Mortarpit, without having to retreat. Thats a lose game for Ost right there.

    You can say Ost can also do the same with 251 and Gren upgrade on the field. But Ost doesnt have Bofors.

    Brit supplyHT also works real good if your other 3 team mates are Soviet.

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