Any News of Relic or the Balance Community

2 months ago

Is there any news of Relic or the Balance Community in regards to company of heroes 2? We all know the current state of unbalancing in the game and it would help is some of the more frustrating unbalancing aspects are dealt with. Relic and SEGA won't return the emails and the community doesn't seem to listen to my recent reasonable changes.


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    2 months ago

    I heard that the community is done with balancing patches.
    People showed displeasure with their brand of balancing and Relic is done with COH2 balancing as well.

    Guess they're done with balance. Take it as it is.

    Next is 64x bit and crossrealm play.
    Then AOE4. Sorry.

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    2 months ago

    The balance community was never in the right for balance patches. Why won't they turn over balancing to a more competent group who know how to buff the weaker factions properly or handle frustrating aspects of facing a faction? Or will they decide to shut down COH2 servers? The game is still not properly balanced.

    And I think Relic is busy setting themselves for a final disaster.

    I don't have instructions on how to mod the game for balance reasons and even if I did, I don't have permission to use the tools. The permission comes from COH2.ORG and that toxic community banned me and told me to gth.

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