WHY? WHEN and WHY? (Balance Issues and Rant)

4 months ago

I'm going to keep it as simple, because I really REALLY love this game, and I must say, over the years of playing it, some things are still unresolved, and new issues are added in as #content# that only makes it furthermore ONE SIDED and simpler to play... And that is an ACTUAL and quite big issue...

As an enclosure, I also want to notify, that however weird it might sound, I love all nations, and I love to play each and every one of them, but there are some things that just don't make sense anymore...

I am also looking forward to 64 bit update, and I hope that there will be balance patch included with it, with hopefully, some minor things from here...

Mayority of these things are issue in 4v4 and 3v3s, since devs only care about 1 v 1s apparently :smile:

But, here we go:



Panzergrenadiers - WHY in gods name did you add these units so much bullet dodge? I've literally played games where I could just get 2 3 squads and storm into enemy frontline, furthermore if I had a vehicle these guys were walking as if they were from Matrix... Add in bundle grenade and voila, one click whipe if someone is a bit slow, for a grenade unlocked with tier 1 :smile:

Grenadiers - Vet 3 terminator squads nowadays, cuz of damage recieved reduction... Nothing like neccessity to utilize trenches and defenses, until vet 3 where you can just walk into mg fire and decap points :disappointed:


Obersoldaten - grab a few, vet em up, give em MG and enemy infantry IS NEVER a problem, nowadays with easier build path, you can get them out earlier, and their accuracy with MG on long range is magic, combined with their natural tankiness :blush:

Panzerfusiliers - WHY, JUST WHY AND IN WHICH DEVS FUCKING NAME, DID YOU THINK GIVING A SQUAD ADVANCED BAZOOKAS WAS GOOD IDEA? ever SINCE THEY CAME OUT, these GUYS have been WRECKING VEHICLES WITH 0 SKILL ON DEMAND, as 6 man SQUADS... THESE UNITS ARE SINGLE HANDEDLY DOWNGRADING your gameplay quality with how much braindead activity they require to be utilized, as BASE INFANTRY... GENERALLY BAZOOKA upgrades are bad, but on ALREADY strong bazookas you gave ones which can almost INSTAKILL a light, furthermore lets say, bren gun carrier? Puff, its gone.

Raketwerfen - there is a reason why this AT gun is considered the BEST AT gun in existence, if for no more reason than just for ability to retreat, virtually pen ANYTHING on front that is not IS2, and they can also stealth... (oh and lets not forget, homing rockets)
IF THIS IS FAIR, then every unit of AT gun should be able to retreat on demand :smile: (which in balance matters, I think would be more than fair)

fallschirmjäger - IF these units were so accurate and effective in WW2, Germans wouldn't need line troops... JUST SAYING!

STG Infrared and Fallshirmjagers - STOP making units that have Stats that go : EFFECTIVE AT ALL RANGES (big brain devs)

Smoke Pods Drop - Oh look, an MG... I wonder if I could just... Left click, draw a line, and smoke big ass line for what? 60-90 ammo? EXPENSIVE and MICRO intense...


PANTHER TANKS... Now I don't wanna be rude and talk shit about units and stuff whoose main purpose is mobile at gun, but, the AMOUNT OF HITS these units can take... are the living reason why GERMANS are LATEGAME NATION... 7-7+ hits from AT guns + bounces, on a quick speed vehicle? With furthermore armor and health increases? HELL MAN, if they had an anti Infantry usage for main cannon, why would anyone NEED anything below their spectrum?

REDUCE THEIR BLOODY HEALTH, for SAKE OF THE GAME... Tigers are annoying as it is, but, in name of EVERY elite and complex RTS player here who plays games like these and loves to comeback and have a tactical outcome, then I must say, PANTHERS are too easy to manage, and Tigers are so ever gratefully on 1 unit limit (cuz Germany is broke in terms of resources)

Reduce Panthers health, to Idk, Comets, and you will still have an epic vehicle with extreme ups/downs usage, and add in some abilities if you may, but reduce the bloody health to a REASONABLE amount...

Finally, the fact both nations have 1 click Mobile artillery, is somewhat CORE issue with the game (panzerwerfen and landstuka), which other nations not only, do not have, but are either commander choice locked or unavailable all together, which in term means, in 3v3 or 4v4, if you don't have 1 ruskie to take katyusha to coordinate blobbing germans back to Berlin in 4v4 or 3v3, you are not gonna achieve much in this arty fiesta that awaits...


British Forces

Commandoes - they either turn out to be gold of useful in ambush, or useless throughout the game, due to the Infrared STGS spotting them from a mile away

  • They could use patch in same matter that the Airlanding officer got...

Bren Infantry Gun upgrade (weapon racks) - this unlockable weapon upgrade for Infantry sections makes many british players consider suicide, so all together, please please rework it or make it has ups and downs that actually DEAL DPS and damage... This weapon is in no match to MG42 upgrades, and I understand that also historically, but come the fuck on, per hit damage is so bad that you might just let em keep lee enfields, rather than giving them useless weapons...


Rangers - I don't think I've ever seen specialized elite units who offer so little, aside the shorter cd grenade, and BETTER BAZOOKAS (look upstairs into Panzerfusiliers)

Lack of re-crew abilities on some doctorinal units

Generally, 3v3 and 4v4 games become much more linear than in 1v1 and 2v2, but these issues still appear in these smaller player pop maps, but more rarely... Its well known fact that 4v4 games become arty fiesta at one point, and just whoever gets more Tanks out (primarily Tank destroyers, and in these courses, MAINLY PANTHERS due to health and forgiveness)

So blob up, build 3 squads of OP units minimally, Press A+left click (or Q and left click if on grid) and group em up, and go in... If you are playing OKW you don't have to worry, cuz that is RTS to you :smiley:

Not that I'm degrading the nation, but out of all 5 nations present, OKW > Wehr on difficulty of playing, but they are both pretty EASY and engage directly with attack move nowadays...

I'm really expecting to see some wehraboos popping up and arguing over some imbalances and issues here, but I'll be honest with you... IF GERMANY WAS so fucking efficient with their UNITS and SPAMMATIVE with their PANTHERS, I am not convinced that they would've lost WW2 :wink:

And its only on devs hands that these simplified tactics are still going unnoticed, since this game is a masterpiece of its own, but regardless, these simplified mechanics are allowed to ruin any value of planning and strategizing due to how simply it is to Grab units and just throw them with left click + A :smiley:


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    4 months ago

    You will not get any real answers to your concerns and questions here.
    I am actually surprised you still haven't received an equally long reply proving that axis infantry is inferior and requires a massive buff like 4 schreks for pzfusielers.
    This entire game is one massive design flaw and it tries to cover it with balancing... or whatever that is that they have here)

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    4 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 910

    PanzerGren: this squad sure quite immune to Maxim, though they're super squishy when vs AI infantry from doc Shock, Para ranger ect. Remember they requires 1020mp to have equal men to 720mp Shock.

    Gren: Same, the squishiest mainline infantry. The big problem of Ost is they have no infantry act as tanker. Gren cant shoot while moving. So I guess all of that just go into the case "powerful while standing still".

    Vs Ost, mine is the key, as long as they lose 2 models, they have to retreat. Step on a single mine will stop them from advancing (USF doesnt have mine though)

    Ober: I think you forget IS starts at 0:00. Ober comes at 10:00. IS should be at least vet2 if not vet3.

    Fusilier: Wrong, Fusilier only gain 6th men through Gs43 upgrade, not on TWO Shreck upgrade. Let me give you some advice: "5 men Ranger THREE Zook"

    Premium Med tank used to have 800hp (5 AT round to die): Panther, Comet, T34-85 ect. Except Allies has Jackson, FF, SU85 does 260 pen. Only Axis, only Panther does 260 pen (Jgpz 220, Stug 180 iirc).
    Panther armor 260, Comet 290. And you realize all Allies TDs able to pen Panther 100%. While Jgpz & Stug does only 65% pen to Comet.

    The game was much more balanced until Brit is in the game.

    I mained Allies since 2013, started to play Axis early this year. What I notice in all the game I played as Axis in 4v4. Better chance to win:

    • Enemy doesnt have Brit
    • Soviet doesnt use KV8, IS2
    • USF doesnt use Tripple Calliop with 3 Ranger Zook.
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    3 months ago

    Whenever did I say that, in fairness of Zook upgrades, I wouldn't WANT ranger ones to be removed/nerfed as well? But there is also a difference in price upgrade, for units that are called IN at game start with lower upgrade price,and ones who need to wait command points, get called in more expensively and demand more ammo per zook to equip?

    Currently patch notes are somewhat evading this simplicity things* and they are ruining the 4v4 and 3v3 experiences, but then again, who am I to know? I mean I've only been playing all nations, and in each I find extremities of some... But there are some things that are over simplified and rewarding for how they are utilized, and regardless of all of it, I love the patch thats upcoming, but I'm a bit worried and peculiar about t34 ram changes nowadays...

    And bit salty that they implemented Infantry Section upgrade and removed it in follow up xD

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