British Medics...

3 months ago

So um... Can we talk about having a squad of medics who are unresponsive, most of the time? Just standing still, with wounded allies all around? I mean for the 180 manpower and 3 pop cap they do their duty... But I would prefer to some degree, even 250 to pay, if I had them as main base unlock...

I must say, having medics like these is much better (this 180 + 3 pop cap) variant, since they can be utilized with forward assembly retreat point, but whats the POINT of having them around there, if you will still have to manually order them when to heal, how to heal and they won't auto target the folks that retreated to that point?

Please, fix this in the upcoming Winter Update patch, since this is the MAIN reason WHY they are not being utilized anywhere (be it pro play or regular games) at the given moment...

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