[USF] I accept Some of these USF nerfs and Buffs. but some were Overgone.

4 months ago
  1. Pack Howitzers.
    pack howitzers are well known as Strong. But Expensive units.
    It has Around 40% Expensive price than Other Mortars. 340 MPs.
    Clearly can be Slightly Nerfed. but Teams should Think about Rebuff When The units are Too Underused.
    And you know. USF Motorized Artillery is the weakest without Commanders. and Pack Howitzers Are covering the Light Vehicle mid Time.
    I can accept this. but Teams should not Think to Kill Pack Howitzers.
    But Manual relaod Maybe Makes the German Line Harder. so I think Not nerfing Pack howitzer will be good.

2.M10 Wolverine.
I said and said. M10 Wolverine's (also Achilles) X22 Target size is now higher than M4A3 Shermans(X21).
Wolverine have 560HP and 50Range Concepted with Fast. and Well-Evading Dive Tank.
So. I Think M10 must be bufffed Target size to X18~X19.

  1. M36 Jackson.
    It is having just Nerfs three times in a row.
    Price. Armor and Penetration.
    USF Really Hangs Anti tank Fight with Only Jackson.
    and If Jackson Keep goes Worse. USF cannot fight Against German Army at all.
    I think Jackson must not get Penetration Nerf. and must Rolled back 130/60 armor.

  2. the most Important. M8A1 Scott HMC.
    This Light gun Carrier maybe thought as same as StuG E. but it's not.
    StuG E needs 4 shots to kill by Ordinary TD or AT. 560HP. Pretty Well-Armed(140/70 and !82/91 at V2) and not having a Big Scatter.
    but M8A1 HMC is only 400HP and Not Able to Push in Itself. Only 3 shots are enough to Kill 1 Scott.
    AutoFire Range 60 does not makes to Fight with PaK but can with RaketenWerfer 43. It have Gapped-range.
    but If M8A1 nerfed to take out AT guns with Only Barrage. German's Defense Line will be Too Harder to USF's Continuous firepower Can be Heavily Lacked to Breakthrough German Lines. You know. German Uses Reinforce Halftracks, Bunkers or Trucks.
    M8A1 must not be nerfed now.
    Autofire Range Got Nerfed is too Overgone.

  3. Why you Still not Adjusting the Assault Engineer's Pop Caps?
    at 2018 Autumn Patch. you said 'Assault Engineers will be 5 men squad. but Pop cap will Still 7' but it is Still 8! almost 2 Years!
    Adjust the Bloody Forget things Right Now!

  4. M2HB
    M2HB is quick-setted and desetted Mobile Fire Support MG concept gun.
    USF's Strong Point. Nimble and Firepower. but Easy To Lost is M2HB's Concept.
    making gun Dull(1.375 to 2.375) will Clearly Make USF Weaker.

  5. 105mm bulldozer Sherman.
    when you said Sherman 75mm's Dozer upgrade Armor get buffed. You said 105mm Bulldozer Sherman will also get That. but patch Team Forgot about that and having Still 200/80 Armor instead of 216/108.
    Buff Dozered 105mm sherman's Armor rightly 'As you, Patch Team said.'

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