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4 months ago
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Since I'm still permabanned from COH2.ORG by the toxic community, I'm gonna post my feedback to here for the upcoming Winter Balance.

Changes I want:
1. Ostheer Wehrmacht Tiger Pzkfpw VI: Now requires either a Heavy Panzer Korps or a Support Armor Korps in addition to Battle Phase 3 and 12 CP. More in line with heavy armor call ins with other factions yet is a middle ground between the Elefant and the Panzer IV Command Tank.

  1. OKW Sturmpioneers Combat Package: Now requires any sws halftrack to be called in, the same requirement for Volksgrenadier Incendiary Grenade. Still early game, since the call in is cheap for 100 mp and 15 fuel, considering there aren't other options that require fuel from the start. Usually available before the enemy calls in the armor.

  2. Kubelwagen vs. Allied Mines: Vehicle receives a damage multiplier from Soviet, USF, and British AT mines, enough to destroy it outright or cause it to be abandoned. Improves counterplay against their raids on unprotected and sometimes rearline points.

  3. Conscript and Penal Battalions: I find them a little too pricey in the early game for their effectiveness. My suggestion would be to slightly reduce their costs, each by 10 manpower for both or at least one of the two. It's not much but in the first few minutes of the game, every second of manpower counts, especially if the Soviets are facing the OKW, a faction that shines in the early game.

  4. Panzergrenadiers: now in addition to Battle Phase 1, requires either an Infanterie Kompanie or Leichte Mechanized Kompanie. Used to be called in from the Leichte Kompanie and in the recent patch called in from Kampfgruppe HQ at Battle Phase 1. Now this change would serve as a middle ground, requiring to have invested in any early level unit production before the Kampfgruppe HQ can produce them.

Opinions on some of the changes:
ISU-152: An unnecessary nerf to its AI capabilities, how bout a smaller nerf, with HE range decreased to 65 instead of 60.

T-70: an unnecessary nerf to its AI capabilities, as the Wehr and OKW still have enough assets to counter it effectively. How about not decreasing its rate of fire.

Sturmpioneers: the panzerchreck upgrade can be cheaper and not mutually exclusive for all I care, as long as the panzerchreck requires a sws halftrack to be called in for the first time.

AEC and Bofors tech: instead of no longer being totally locked out from researching one, how bout once you research one, the other tech will be locked until you construct the Company Command Post. A middle ground.

One last set of change requests, this time in regards to the Artificial Intelligence/Computer Control of Units
I. Volksgrenadiers now treat their Incendiary Grenade ability as a grenade and will use it on clustered troops or structures.
II. The Cromwell, Churchill, and Comet Tanks no longer toggle focus fire on vehicles. Instead, that algorithim is passed on to Anti-Armor vehicles including: SU-76m, SU-85, StuG III Ausf. G., Panther Pzkpfw V, Elefant, M36 Jackson TD, M10 Wolverine TD, Puma, Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdtiger, and Panther Command Tank. The British AEC Armored Car and Sherman Firefly still go to focus on vehicles.
III. Ostheer Wehrmacht vehicles now pop smoke if they feel threatened, if the commander of the vehicles has Panzer Tactician enabled.
IV. Artillery units and the M8 Scott no longer fire smoke shells on enemy Rocket and Artillery units.
V. British Infantry Sections, Tank Hunter Infantry Sections, and Assault Infantry Sections may construct munitions or fuel caches on captured territory points.
VI: Sappers may use their HEAT grenade to attempt to cripple enemy vehicles.

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