[ALL] Handbrake/Hold Position ability for HMG and AT guns

4 months ago

Personally, one of the more important factors which contribute to my loss in a game is the support weapon control.

Typically, what would happen is that when an enemy blob is approaching, I would select my HMG and right-click on which infantry squad to focus on. Very often the infantry would be moving so fast that I would misclick by accidentally clicking in the gaps of the moving infantry models. Consequently, the machine gun would set up and then set down, which could cause you to either force you to retreat or lose the machine gun itself. This is especially penalizing for MG42 which has the longest set up and set down time.

Another example is when you right-click a tank with your AT gun that eventually goes out of your range, the AT gun would set up, rotate so that the tank is on the edge of the cone, then set down. Naturally, the tank would move again and the AT gun would be in a constant aforementioned cycle of setting up, rotating, setting down.

What I would like is to see an ability for HMGs and AT guns to not move unless the retreat button is pressed. Alternatively, something akin to holding the Control button to not move when giving an order that would otherwise result in movement. All of this itself isn't bad, but it can harm you significantly and hamper you in the long game. This is a simple Quality of Life change I'd like to see because it would improve my gameplay tremendously.


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    2 months ago

    Any update on this easy-to-implement quality of life feature? Does anybody disagree with it? This is something so simple but useful and would be well placed in a massive patch like this.

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    2 months ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 71

    Just practice managing your units.

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    2 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 910

    Weapon teams are defensive units. You can only use it on its full power is lure enemy with your other units into weapon teams.

    Weapon teams' each movement has each pros/cons
    Setup position move: give you exactly the cone you want them to be. But easily gets flanked while setting up
    Attack move: sometimes the cone face at stupid direction, but this requires the least micro skill

    I dont recommend to order weapon teams to attack specific units. Unleast they're already setup.

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