[Wehr] Winter balance patch: Concerned about fuel cost of tier1 to BP1

4 months ago

I generally think the Winter balance patch is heading in a good direction, however I'm concerned about moving the fuel cost from tier 1 to Battlephase 1.

This change is meant to reduce the power of Osttruppen, but it negatively affects other strategies as well that are not problematically strong. I'm thinking mostly about assault grenadiers and pure pio/MG openings. Delaying the 222 in strategies without panzerfaust may make these strats obsolete because of their vulnerability to early light vehicles.

In fact, Osttruppen are affected least by this change since with Osttruppen you can put down tier1 and have panzerfaust available.

I would suggest addressing the issue of Osttruppen more precisely without nerfing other strategies: make Osttruppen buildable from tier1. This achieves both the 222 delay and it slows the early presence of Osttruppen on the map, without affecting assault grenadiers and pio/MG openings. This change could replace both current changes.

Thank you!

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