64 Bit Beta: Wrong visual feedback when positioning mines, trenches

2 months ago

Bug Description
UKF Tommies and Engineers structure/mine placement feedback is now faulty.

Repo Steps
Easiest to reproduce with Engineers; build a squad of UKF Engineers and click on the "plant mines" icon. What happens then is that as the mouse is moved around the map, a yellow dotted outline will appear to indicate where the mines can be placed. If the mouse is moved over an area where the mines cannot be placed, the yellow dotted outline disappears, which is a bit disconcerting because there is then no mouse pointer. What used to happen was that the yellow dotted outline was replaced with a red dotted outline to show that the mines couldn't be built in that position, which was much more useful.

This works with Tommies building trenches as well.

Any, as far as I can see.

Game Mode
Skirmish, 1 v 1, 1 v computer, etc. Doesn't seem to matter.

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