[UKF] [ALL] Cromwell no longer fulfills it's role

3 months ago

A few years ago the Cromwell was an iconic unit for the UKF. It allowed a fast mobile gamestyle which suited the faction description of two styles of army in one.

It was never meant to be an infantry support tank, that was the Valentine and Churchill, doctrinally it was a cruiser for fast flanks and in game specifically for finishing off damaged vehicles. The Comet fulfills the generalist role and the Firefly the tank destroyer role.

The rebalancing at the time completely wrecked it, turning it more into a very inferior Panzer IV which ideally had to halt and was more AI focussed. In the midgame the UKF doctrinally relies upon IS, pit and the Centaur for AI work.

It is concerning to see therefore that rather than merely reverting the unpopular and unwarranted nerfs which were largely uncalled for by the community, most complaints seemed to centre around how early it appeared rather than it's abilities, that it's role is increasingly being sidelined towards AI work with a munitions ability to replace the highly skilled usage it was once famous for.

On the protection / mobility / firepower triangle it should doctrinally prioritise mobility, hence speed and manouvreability, and accuracy on the move towards targetting Axis vehicles.

Given the low number of useable UKF vehicles compared to other factions an AI focussed medium tank would be welcome, though historically that would merely be a reskinned Sherman or the Valentine. The UC and AEC are unsuitable for late game in any game mode.

The Cromwell should be a highly specialised machine that rewards skill, as it once did, and fulfils it's role rather than a homogensied generalist tank of inferior performance to it's contemporaries.



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    3 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 910

    I started to main Axis early 2020. I feel Cromwell perform really good vs Ost Tier3. 3 Cromwell push is much more dangerous than 3 Sherman or T34.

    The point is Brit have alot better units at later game.

    • Centaur kills infantry much better than Ostwind & Cromwell
    • FF is no doubt better AT than Stug & Cromwell
    • Churchill can tanking that Soviet requires commander to have KV1, and USF doesnt even have one.
    • Comet to Cromwell is better than T34-85 to T34
      As Brit, either go for Churchill & FF, or may be have a Centaur in mix if there are too many infantry. Or you can just get 3 Comet and roam to victory.

    Image Soviet has an M3 meat chopper on T34 chassis (like Centaur)
    Then next Tier gives T34-85 or KV1
    Whats the point of T34 in this tech? It has no place.

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