Did lots of AI tests on the winter balance patch..

3 months ago

Though the results of this rebalancing are not encouraging! I can't imagine a fairer way to test this as it takes the issue of player skill out of the equation.

You can try it yourself... Just subscribe on steam to the CheatCommandsII workshop item, which will then download. Also to the Winter balance patch, which will also download.

Then just set up a custom game with yourself and which ever factions on AI control you want. Use CheatcommandsII VCP as the victory conditions and Winter balance as the mod. You can then delete your own starting unit and turn the fog of war off if you want to watch. Otherwise you can just let it run in the background and check the stats afterwards.

By comparing results of AI games on the current live patch to those using the balance patch it appears that...

Soviets seem stronger. American forces a little weaker ( don't see how this is justified.. ). Ostheer overall about the same. OKW a lot stronger and UKF really don't stand a chance.

Indeed the latter matchup of OKW vs UKF you can even set the UKF AI to hard and OKW still wins! If you literally have a better player controlling the Allied force they still lose.

I therefore find it difficult to believe that even the most rudimentary of testing or diligence has been done on this patch.


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    3 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 910

    AI builds emplacement really bad. While Brit relies on it.
    AI sometimes just suicide unit, sometime retreat them, its RNG. Its depend which side does more retreat than suicide.

    Same thing to USF vehicles sometime on low hp, they have another option than suicide & retreat, is to have crew jump out and repair. They instant die and enemy claim the vehicle.

    The best thing AI Soviet have is T34 always Ram at 25% hp. This micro is really high for most players.

    AI fights each other cant tell anything.

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    3 months ago
    ChaffersChaffers Posts: 6

    It's a very strong indication that the balance patch is garbage.

    AI is equal on both sides. The only thing tha changes is the patch, which seems to be untested.

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    3 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 910

    AI is equal on both sides.


    Except each faction has different advantage that will make them stronger at certain task.
    AI pick moves very randomly, depends on what options they have.

    As I said: all faction reacts when vehicles on low health is either Retreat or Suicide, only USF has the 3rd option is to jump out, resulting death crew and gives enemy a vehicle.

    Low hp vehicles on retreat as priority to retreat rather than shooting. They will retreat directly to base, if a retreating Stug gets a T34 run beside at 30m range and shooting, they will not turn to shoot T34, they will just head their butt toward the HQ. This behavior benefits USF & Brit TDs the most, since they have turrets.

    USF & Soviet nature is mass infantry, lead to easier to cap point

    AI has FOW hacking, eventhough vehicles can not direct ground fire, but indirect weapon (manual fire) can shoot on enemy even without sight. Faction which many indirect fire units like Soviet (Mortar,ATgun if they go for Tier2, and later with SU76) mostly benefit this

    Another thing that easy to see is AT units (ATguns, TDs) doesnt have Priority vehicles mode ON at the start. Which lead to AI TDs,ATs usually shoot on infantry. This cause TDs always reveal their position to players.

    If Okw has ability to uncrew vehicles. There is a chance that they will uncrew King on low health, resulting giving enemy your King. This happened to Pershing when they could uncrew. This is why Pershing uncrew is removed.

    You dont play Brit the same way as Okw, this is why "AI is equal" is a fail excuse.
    Your AI test is pointless.

    This image is from community.

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    3 months ago
    HatbaronHatbaron Posts: 18

    Considering how god awful the AI are I don't think these tests are going to be particularly indicative of the upcoming metagame in any way, shape or form.

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    2 months ago
    ChaffersChaffers Posts: 6

    Watching the replay of Isildur getting destroyed in the ML tournament in about 15 minutes playing UKF, and then winning his next two games easily rather bears out my prediction.

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