(Soviet)(All) Assault Guards Rifles

4 months ago
arbiter900arbiter900 Posts: 165
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The Assault Guards in the Lend Lease Commander could use an update to bring them more in line with the rest of the Soviet roster.

Despite their name, Assault Guards don't really fill the role of assault troops when compared to any of the other assault units in the roster. Shocks are the obvious example, but even Airborne guards and Penals are fully equipped with PPshs when upgraded. Assault Guards have 4 Svts and 2 Thompsons. This puts them in a bad spot, they're not particularly good at close range, or mid-long. Even when compared to the USF, both Airborne and Rangers have 4 Thompsons when upgraded. Cav rifles and Assault sections can be upgraded with 2 Thompsons as well but likewise come with grease guns and stens respectively for the rest of the squad.

Assault Grens, Commandos, the Airborne Officer, Panzer Grens, Assault Engineers, Sturms, Assault Sections, Storm Troopers, even the artillery officer, and so on, all are equipped with purely close range weapons. Assault guards are the odd ones out. They can't do close range better than shocks or Airborne Guards, and can't do long range better than Penals. This on top of their expensive cost since they can only be called in with a half-track, make them undesirable and overshadowed by pretty much any other assault unit.

Also as of now, they still use tripwire flares as a vet ability which could be replaced by something that suits their role more, perhaps a smoke grenade instead or the "Fire Superiority" or "Tactical Assault" ability that some of the other assault units have.

I think that they should be either equipped fully with PPshs, or since the flavour of the commander is lend lease and using allied equipment, start with all grease guns and upgrade to 2 or 4 Thompsons (probably 2 since Cav rifles and Assault sections only receive 2).

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