Command Panzer adjustments (Let me know what you think)

4 months ago
ATATWalkerATATWalker Posts: 10
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Panzer IV Command tank-(Stub nose variant) The most underrated support unit no one plays.

However I get why it's unpopular virtually no offensive capability mid/late game. Butt this is when it unlocks. Recommendation.
Replace the Vet one (Blitzkrieg Tactics" ability) with the (HEAT Shell" ability) like that on the (StuG E Assault Gun) (See image below) This way it could at least stun enemy armor and not be completely helpless mid/late game. The Blitzkrieg is not needed a bit worthless for a support unit, you are trying to avoid the enemy not assaulting the front.

Secondly you could have the defensive buff be a veterancy bonus or a mid/heavy armor korps unlock upgrade, like the (Assault Grenadiers-squad leader) Unlock. This would allow you to lower it's command points to five with out being OP. Similar to the (StuG E Assault Gun, Puma and MK. XI Command Tank. I did some testing and five command points is perfect. light tanks can Pen it's armor and are a bit faster. Butt PZ-IV has a bit more HP's, similar damage on both. The British command MK. XI, all-so at five command points. Is better in damage/armor you could move it to four butt that would be at (M8 "Greyhound) too early I think. It would all so incentivize platers to go back and play old Wehrmacht commanders. like mechanized doctrine,Blitzkrieg doctrine and Festung doctrine.

To summarize If players knew they would have access to the Command Tank from the beginning butt would have to wait tell mid game to get the D-buff and Vet stun-shell's. It be a far more appealing and a better trade-off start to finish.

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