Blitzkrieg Doctrine rework

1 week ago

Hello everyone.

I see that many useless commanders are getting a rework. I am super happy about it. But I think there is one ostheer commander that is being ignored. Blitzkrieg commander SUUUCK. And that's a shame because something as blitzkrieg should be so iconic considering ww2 setting.

If you look over that commander you will realize there is no crunch in it. There is nothing that will make you say woah, that's nice.

For a friendly reminder I will post what this commander has now:

2 CP - smoke
4 CP - tactical movement
4 CP - recon plane
7 CP - Comand tank
12 CP - stuka close air support

You can clearly see that there is nothing to play with

Bellow I will suggest my changes to give it a more unique playstyle and some kohones.
I will not be adding here any made-up abilities, just the one from the game.

0 CP - 250 half-track (to focus your gameplay on mechanized units from the start)
3 CP - Opel supply truck (to help you build that tank spam)
7 CP - Comand tank (to keep the current spirit of the doctrine)
9 CP - breakthrough (tanks can capture territory, quite fits the doc)
12 CP - Stuka close air support

Use your 250 truck to build up momentum early on, rush to T3 with opel truck and start pumping out armor. Add a command tank and win tank battles with stuka later in the game.

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