Mobile defence doctrine needs a rework.

1 month ago

Currently Ostheer has 22 commanders but more than half are not played since they are greatly underperforming.
This time I will be writing about the Mobile defense doctrine and how with few weeks it can be made playable.

Quick reminder what the comander has currently:

0 CP - counter-attack tactics (decap faster)
2 CP - Panzer tactician (smoke)
3 CP - 2 Ostruppen squads (with mg or not)
5 CP - Puma (requires battle phase 2)
7 CP - Comand tank

Current problems
Puma requires T3 what is some kind of misunderstanding. I have Stug in T3, Puma should be in T2, same as for OKW.
Puma is there for the early game to fight AEC and T-70. It would be nice to have some early AT vehicle on osteer (currently no doctrine provides such a thing, you are stuck with pak 40)

2 osttruppen squads on 3 CP is way too little way too late. Your enemy has shock troops at this point, osttruppen can not be expected to make a difference at this point.

Minimum solution is obvious,
replace 3 CP osttruppen with standard 0 CP ostruppen
make puma require light mechanisated comp and do not require 5 CP (easily you can make a stug by 5 CP)

Optimal solutuin, simple rework to make it focus on ostheer erly game:

0 CP - osttruppen
2 CP - 250 mortar halftruck
2 CP - Smoke
3 CP - Puma
7 CP - Comand tank


This doctrine now focuses on early game dominated by light armor and quick maneuvers on the field.
You start off with osttruppen and do a standard x3 ost + mg opening.
When you hit 2 CP you make a half truck mortar group to give to your infantry mobile artillery support.
251 and 222 are most welcome in this build. Instead of Pak 40 you make puma to fight off early armor. Or even you can make second one. Finally, you add a command tank to it all.

You are not pressured to advance your tech onward, you have all the utility in your T2 vehicles. This is something that osteer needs.

Commander does not have anything in the late game where his weakness lies but if you play it right you can choke the enemy with your light mech in the first 10-15 mins.

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